Wrigley bolsters kid’s gum with Hubba Bubba launch

The Wrigley Company plans to strengthen its position in the children’s bubble gum market by launching Hubba Bubba Mix & Match. It will be one of Wrigley’s key launches for children this year, and part of a £2.5m investment in the Hubba Bubba brand over the year.

Wrigley marketing director Ian Bray says the launch underlines the company’s commitment to developing its core chewing gum portfolio as well as introducing new products, such as Extra Mints (MW July 31, 2003).

Wrigley hopes Hubba Bubba Mix & Match will build on the success of last year’s launch, Bubble Tape, by extending the brand into crunchy bubble gum balls. The balls come in a cardboard pack split into two, with different flavours in either side. The two flavour combinations include Sour Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream, and Sour Cherry and Lemon.

The bubble gum costs 57p for a 220-balls pack, and Wrigley says it plans to support the launch through a variety of channels, although it has not yet finalised the details. Wrigley claims Hubba Bubba is the UK’s number one bubble gum and that the brand will be well supported. A TV campaign for the brand breaks this week.


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