Wrigley plans Extra Ice mints in a roll-pack

The Wrigley Company is planning to build its presence in the youth confectionery market with the launch of Extra Ice Mints. It follows the launch of Extra Ice Gum earlier this year.

The product, which will be launched in September, will be aimed at 16- to 24-year-olds. It is hoped the range will broaden the appeal and market reach of the Extra brand.

The mints will be bigger than existing Extra Mints and will come in a roll-pack rather than a box. Extra Ice will cost just 29p compared with 43p for the existing mints.

Industry insiders says that despite the success of Extra Mints, which were launched two years ago (MW July 31, 2003), the box format does not appeal to everyone and has been shunned by male consumers in particular. One observer attributes this to the box not being convenient to carry around in a pocket, and to the price.

But Wrigley managing director UK and Ireland Gharry Eccles denies the decision to use a roll-pack is because the box format is less appealing to men. He says: “There are a number of different needs that are met with the box format and we remain committed to it.”

Eccles points out that two-thirds of the mint market is in roll-packs, and as the challenge facing Wrigley is to persuade more people to sample the brand, using this packaging will help it achieve that.

The range will be supported by a multi-media campaign that will include through-the-line work and television advertising. Wrigley invested &£12m in the launch of its first mint product.


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