Wrigley to revamp Orbit brand

The Wrigley Company is relaunching its Orbit chewing gum range and introducing three new products. The move comes just weeks after Cadbury announced it is to launch its Trident brand in the UK next year.

Wrigley is axing the existing Orbit range and replacing it with Orbit Complete, which will be positioned as an oral care product. The new product will replace the traditional Orbit stick format and Orbit Professional range.

Orbit Complete contains xylitol, which is understood to reduce plaque, and will come in four flavours: peppermint, spearmint, strong mint and fresh mint. The first three will be available in new “envelope” packs and the fresh mint variant will be available in a blister pack.

Wrigley is also launching “liquid” variants of its Extra Ice and Hubba Bubba ranges. The new Extra chewing gum, in spearmint and peppermint flavours, is a pellet format with a liquid centre. Hubba Bubba Glob, which is sold in tubes, also has a liquid-filled centre and is available in strawberry and apple.

Wrigley is also revamping the packaging of the Extra range to make it more convenient for users. A new Extra bottle, which contains 60 pellets and is designed to easily stored, is being rolled out.


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