Wrigley’s Airwaves set for liquorice gum launch

Wrigley’s is launching a liquorice-flavoured chewing gum under its Airwaves brand. Airwaves Black Mint is understood to be a key focus for the company this year.

The product, which will be launched imminently, aims to tap into consumer tastes for stronger-flavoured chewing gum and mints.

It is expected to receive marketing investment, including TV, as part of an overall support package for the Airwaves brand. It spent &£1.5m on advertising the brand last year.

Wrigley extended the brand in January with the launch of Airwaves Guarana, which has claimed energy boosting properties.

The brand was first launched in the UK in 1997 as a functional gum. The first variant contained menthol and eucalyptus and was aimed at people suffering from colds or blocked noses.


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