WWF highlights adoption schemes

wwfThe World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is launching an integrated autumn campaign to raise awareness of the charity’s wild-animal adoption programmes.

The campaign, created by Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw and media planning agency Trinity Communications, will see ads showing footage of animals in the wild being broadcast during daytime programming on digital channels ITV2, ITV3, Cartoon Network and selected music channels.

The charity will also use rich media online for the first time, broadcasting live footage of animals in the wild, in a bid to broaden their audiences and appeal to a fresh market.

The campaign will encourage new supporters to adopt an orangutan or a tiger and will carry the message “What Will You Do When I’m Gone?” to highlight the potential extinction of the species.

WWF says it is doubling its investment in “acquisition marketing” for the campaign, a move away from its traditional use of direct mail for fundraising.


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