Xerox productivity app breaks the B2B mould

Lara O’Reilly is Marketing Week’s digital and telecoms specialist and here she gives her views on what companies from Apple to Zynga are up to in the wired world of the web.


Here’s a nice little idea from Xerox that breaks it away from the often staid B2B mould.

Its new Business of Your Brain app aims to identify all those little distractions that steer your focus away from getting your day job done.

The desktop tool analyses your emails to identify who sends you the most rambling jargon-filled messages, which contacts only communicate with you to send pointless “thank you” notes and those who you tend to have far too many meetings with.

It also analyses your personal behaviour: which e-mails you tend to ignore but also which buzzwords tend to attract you the most and drain your focus.

Yes, it’s a little silly and likely to be more of a timewaster in itself than actually getting on with the job in hand, but the fact that Xerox’s marketing department is choosing to inject a little fun where it can is likely to stick with facilities departments who are often presented with such dry material it is little wonder they tend to just blindly re-order office equipment.

Just a shame for us marketing lot that the app is currently only available on PC only.

Here’s how it works (don’t worry, it’ll only take a minute and a half of your highly-focused day to watch):


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