Yahoo and Nectar team up to show targeted ads

Yahoo has partnered with loyalty card provider Nectar to allow advertisers to target shoppers based on their high-street purchases.

Nectar Card

Both companies have combined their data in a bid to get FMCG brands to spend more online.

Customers have to opt in to the platform, called Yahoo Consumer Connect, and will be served targeted advertising across Yahoo based on their in-store behaviour.

Cadburys is the first brand to test the service with its forthcoming Crème Egg campaign, using media agency PHD.

Nectar customers who have been indentified as registered Yahoo users were invited to test the platform.

Mark Rabe, MD and VP of sales, Yahoo! UK & Ireland, said, “The implication of today’s product launch for FMCG companies is huge. Our customers depend on Yahoo! to bring together their world and the world around them, and our advertising clients expect the same. With today’s launch of Yahoo! Consumer Connect, for the first time UK advertisers will have a simple way to track offline sales from online advertising campaigns, driving accountability all the way through to return on investment.”

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