Yahoo! brings David Beckham onto the pitch

David Beckham has become the first ever global ambassador for the Yahoo!, the media company.

Yahoo!'s David Beckham campaign
Yahoo!’s David Beckham campaign

In a partnership, lasting from now until the start of the 2010/11 English football league season, Beckham will conduct exclusive interviews, write blogs and engage with fans through the Yahoo! website.

There will be a build up to the football league with Beckham interacting with fans through various Yahoo! channels, including Yahoo! answers, Y!Mail and Y!Messenger.

In April, Yahoo! announced a deal to show highlights of the English Premier League online for the next three seasons (2010-13).
“Yahoo will allow me to interact one on one with as many football fans as possible,” Beckham says.

The partnership marks the next phase in Yahoo’s $85m campaign across 20 markets to position it as an online one-stop-shop.

“Yahoo is all about providing users with content that engages and excites them around their passions,” says Elisa Steele, Yahoo!’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Innovation, personalisation and video content have been highlighted as the heart of the company’s ongoing strategy.

Later this year the company will launch an advertising campaign focusing on search services and to drive people to its website.

Yahoo!’s search is soon to become Bing, which has widened its advertising in the UK to act as a link between ads on most Channel 4 primetime shows.



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