Yahoo expands targeting capability with new content solution on Tumblr

Yahoo has announced the launch of a new content marketing solution that allows brands to maximise its earned media through data-driven content built specifically for the Tumblr platform.


At the IAB UK Digital Upfronts event today, the brand announced a content marketing solution that brings together Yahoo and blogging site Tumblr, which it bought in May 2013, to “develop the next generation of content marketing solutions for brands”.

Yahoo’s content marketing division, Yahoo Studio has a dedicated editorial team that identifies what consumers want to read based on search, clicks and what is trending on the site and matches this to find opportunities for brands to “tell a story”.

Yahoo Studio’s content creation team will now create branded content specifically for the Tumblr platform where consumers have the ability follow, like and ‘re-blog’ content.

Patrick Albano, EMEA head of solutions at Yahoo, says: “This is the evolution of our content marketing division to help marketers create content in context and distribute it to a scaled social audience.”

Yahoo will also promote the content to relevant audiences through distribution across display, mobile, native, search, on the Yahoo homepage and other relevant pages on the site.

Albano says: “This is how consumers want to engage with brands, it’s a chance for brands to tell a story in a more subtle way without explicitly talking about their products.”

Further to this, the brand also launched Yahoo Audience Ads, a new platform that allows advertisers to buy data-driven ads across the web, in any format and across devices, via its programmatic ad manager.

It allows advertisers to combine Yahoo’s data from its 800 million users, third-party data and a brand’s own consumer data to reach the right audience.

Another feature of the new platform is the ability to target across devices using Yahoo’s user id data and device data to see exactly when and where a consumer is viewing content.

Nick Hugh, head of network and platforms at Yahoo, says: “It’s too common that we see people looking just at a mobile campaign or display, for us it’s about the unification of all of that and the ability understand the combined impact.”

The platform also provides advertisers insight reports on ideal audiences pre-campaign, during and post-campaign and for the first time will give brands access to premium inventory, which are high-quality web pages, programmatically.


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