Yahoo! launches climate change portal

Yahoo! is launching an online portal that aims to educate people about how to reduce their carbon emissions. The launch is part of the internet service provider’s green initiative that aims to encourage its 500 million monthly users to help combat climate change.
The portal, which launches today (Monday), will offer tips and advice on reducing carbon emissions and news on the latest developments in climate change.
The green strategy kicks off in the US and will be rolled out globally later this year. The company is encouraging people to sign up by offering to provide 10 low-emission hybrid taxis to the city where most Yahoo users sign up to the initiative. It is also planning to donate a further ten hybrid taxis to New York.
The site carries the strapline “Together, We Can Help Fight Global Warming” with the message that “many small changes equal one great change”.
Last month, Yahoo! pledged to become a totally carbon neutral company by the end of the year.


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