Yahoo to promote football coverage with Spotify ads

Yahoo is running ads on Spotify featuring football news to promote its exclusive online coverage of the Premier League.

The bespoke audio ads are in the style of sports bulletins.

The two-month campaign is part of a major push to promote Yahoo’s exclusive online Premier League highlights deal, which it has secured for the next three years.

The campaign, created by Neo@Ogilvy, will run until October and will be promoted via display ads and home-page takeovers.

Spotify said it was the first campaign on the music-streaming service to use daily bespoke audio ads. Yahoo’s ads will be different every day as the content of the ads will include the latest League news.

Andrew Cocker, Yahoo UK head of marketing, said past campaigns on Spotify had delivered good results.

“We’ve been working with it for the last couple of campaigns and been pleased with how well those have gone,” said Cocker. “Spotify delivers very engaged listeners and our target audiences match very strongly.”

The campaign will be supported with display ads on sports sites and football club sites, as well as radio ads on channels such as XFM.

Yahoo said early audience statistics for the football highlights were good and it had signed up brands including Adidas, BT, Heineken and Sony as advertisers around the content.