Yates’s launches ‘lifestyle’ pub TV broadcasting service

Bar chain Yates’s has recruited fashion designer Wayne Hemingway to launch what it claims is the first bar-based broadcasting network.

From July 24, the service, called 18:84, will broadcast on plasma screens in 57 Yates’s bars across the UK, stretching from Plymouth to Aberdeen. The company says it will reach a potential audience of 1 million 1830-year-olds who pass through Yates’s each week.

The lifestyle programmes are transmitted via satellite. The content ranges from interactive competitions (using SMS), movie reviews, Wayne Hemingway’s “What’s Hot and What’s Not”, music tasters from Radio 1 Dreem Teem DJ Spoony, opinion polls and gossip.

Yates’s says it has guaranteed advertising with Virgin One, Reebok and Panasonic, as well as promotional links with Ben Sherman, Sky One, Club 18-30, Coca-Cola, Budweiser and Southern Comfort.

Hemingway says: “I’ve always been interested in how technology can play a part in our lives. A system that allows us to socialise and be informed and entertained at the same time is a great use of technology.”



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