Year-on-year rise in viewing figures makes Five cheerful

Raymond Snoddy says all major broadcasters have reason to be cheerful with the exception of Five, whose owner “has to decide what the channel is for” (MW 6 August).

Five: Better value than C4 or ITV

Why the pessimism? We must be doing something right: Ours is the only major family of channels to have seen a year-on-year increase in viewing over the past six months – and that’s before Richard Woolfe has begun to roll out his shiny, new entertainment-laden schedule.

Five’s audience is highly engaged, attentive to big brands such as CSI, Neighbours, The Ashes and recent hits like The Hotel Inspector, The Mentalist and The Gadget Show.

Most media experts would agree that this provides a more effective advertising environment than the one offered by cheap frequency channels with high levels of repeats. They’re also rather cheered to discover that this year Five’s cost per unique cover point represents far better value than that of ITV1 or Channel 4.

Kelly Williams,
Director of sales, Five



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