to launch online weather ads

UK local search engine is launching an interactive advertising campaign which will deliver different ad executions depending on the weather at the time a search is run.

The campaign was developed by digital agency AKQA, with i-level responsible for media strategy, planning and buying.

Executions are tailored to topics which consumers traditionally search for, either according to current weather conditions or at set times of the year. So, for instance, one of the executions focuses on parents “facing high pressure from the kids this summer” and highlights popular outdoor activities, if the weather is good. If it is raining, the ads will highlight how can find local indoor activities.

A real-time weather information feed allows the executions to change depending on the weather in a given region. For instance, someone accessing on a warm day in the capital will come across a “sunny” execution, with an outdoor theme.

The new ads emphasise’s additional features such as maps and directions, keyword searching and the ability to search by specific locations, including London Tube stations.

The online ads will appear on a wide range of sites and portals including point-of-need sites such as TheTrainLine, London Eating and Streetmap and music and entertainment sites such as Mean Fiddler, The Raft, Channel 4 and Big Brother.



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