Yellow Pages to relaunch directories in compact size

The Yellow Pages directories will be reduced in size this summer in an effort to stay well established in consumers’ minds and encourage advertisers.

The directory will change to a compact size, in what Yellow Pages says is its most significant revamp in more than 40 years.

It follows research among Yellow Pages users that revealed usage increased by 7% for the compact edition compared with the A4 format, and 85% of respondents said they prefer the compact format to the standard A4 size.

The compact edition uses a special font designed to ease readability, and a new “local listings” feature has been added to make it easier for consumers to find a business in their desired location.

Yell director of printed products Jason Smith says the increased appeal to consumers will benefit advertisers more.

“The new size has more appeal to users and so advertisers will see more benefits in advertising with the new size directory. The ad size options will remain the same and prices will reflect this. It has the potential to be an even greater source of sales leads than the A4 version was.”

The overall number of pages in each edition will remain similar to the traditional A4 format and the new look will be small enough to fit through standard size letterboxes.

Yellow Pages’ main rival is Thomson Directories.



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