Yesmail white paper: using email behavioural data to engage and reactivate your customers

This paper addresses why activation programmes are important and how a marketer should approach developing them.

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Specific topics include industry trends that uncover an increasing need for activation programmes; goals and components of a successful email activation programme; types of activation campaigns top brands are creating to wake up their sleeping subscribers; and performance metrics for activation campaigns and how they stack up against base communications.

Most marketers are well aware that using consumer behavioural data to create personalised marketing programmes will net a significant increase in marketing ROI. But you may be surprised by just how much more effective these programmes are — according to MarketingSherpa, targeted content is outperforming status-quo messaging by 200-300 per cent on both engagement and conversion metrics. In the field of email marketing, activation programmes in particular have become a critical vehicle to drive engagement and revenue for top-performing marketing teams…

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