Yo! Sushi adopts traffic light labelling scheme

Yo! Sushi is the first restaurant group to adopt the Food Standard Agency’s traffic light labelling scheme. The chain has produced a booklet using the front-of-pack scheme to help diners make choices “at a glance”.

The booklet, which is available in restaurants now, highlights the fat, salt, sugar and protein, as well as potential allergens in all of its dishes, which includes a range of hot dishes.

The FSA says that it is “delighted” with Yo! Sushi’s decision to use the scheme and adds that it will be “interested” to see the reaction from customers.

It adds: “We hope that YO! Sushi’s support of the scheme will encourage other restaurants and caterers to also consider how they can help their customers make more informed choices about healthier eating when dining out.”

The FSA introduced the traffic light labelling system in 2006 despite widespread criticism from food manufacturers and some retailers. It is also supported by Sainsbury’s.


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