Yoconut: literally coconut ‘eau naturale’ for the body

YoconutThese days it’s hard to find a food product that hasn’t had something, largely inexplicably, added to it – from sugar or E numbers to excess packaging. Premier Lifestyles has launched a product that has literally nothing extrabunged into, onto or around it: Yoconut, a pre-peeled young coconut.

The company, based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, has stripped the shell from the coconuts leaving the coco water cased in just the flesh, which is not only soft enough to push a straw through but keeps the water fresh and clean inside.

By using the coconut flesh as the only packaging Premier Lifestyles can back up its claim that the coco water has no additives and remains 100% pure.

Coco water is thought to be very beneficial to the body, helping to maintain natural fluid levels, blood pressure, circulation, kidney functions, digestion and liver functions. It is also a natural isotonic so can be used after exercise to rehydrate, with nothing but natural ingredients.

So with all these health benefits, an original selling point – that the Diary wishes it had come up with – and the ultimate environmentally friendly packaging, it looks like everyone’s a winner.


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