Yorkshire Bank loses its good name

Marketing consultant Michael Howerd changed his name by deed poll to Yorkshire Bank Are Fascist Bastards after the firm charged him £20.

Howerd, now known as Yorkshire for short, flew into a rage after his local Yorkshire Bank branch charged him £20 for being £10 overdrawn.

Following a row with his bank manager, Yorkshire then paid out a further £30 to change his name by deed poll. He wants the name change to be seen as a protest against the bank’s treatment of him.

The Leeds-based marketing consultant has since been asked to close his account, says Yorkshire Bank.

“The relationship with Howerd has irretrievably broken down and we very much regret that,” says a spokeswoman. She adds that the bank regards the protest as “rather silly”. “I believe Howerd has been known to change his name before,” she says.

Yorkshire’s solicitor, Steven Wood, refused to comment on the case. His company confirmed that the name Yorkshire Bank plc Are Fascist Bastards is now legally registered.


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