Yorkshire pudding left a sour taste

A new advertising campaign designed to promote Yorkshire to southerners keen on taking a short break has come under fire from the area’s stalwart traditionalists.

There were moans that the Yorkshire Tourist Board passed over five Yorkshire agencies in a pitch to appoint London agency Senior King.

Then Senior King’s campaign, which aims to challenge clichés about the county, further annoyed the brass band-playing, pigeon-fancying, flat-cappers who would rather Yorkshire maintained its outdated image.

One poster shows two stylish ladies tucking in to a fruit fool with the line “Yorkshire pudding?” and another shows fashionable fillies at the races, complete with elegant hats and the headline “Cloth caps?”. In the last, a couple lounge on the moors sipping champagne, under the line “Last of the summer wine?”

The Diary can only imagine the kind of outrage that would be unleashed if it were widely known that the tourist board’s chief executive, David Andrews, hails from Vancouver.


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