YouGov’s Rance joins Marketing Week partner Quadrangle

Quadrangle snaps up YouGov’s UK managing director to lead a new push into research technology and analytics.

phil rance

Phil Rance, the UK managing director of YouGov, is joining market research consultancy Quadrangle as corporate development director. Rance, who will take up his new role in early 2013, has previously held jobs at Research Now, along with The AA and Bradford & Bingley.

Rance was a judge for the Marketing Week Engage Awards 2012 as part of his YouGov role, promoting the importance of backing marketing with strong data and research.

“The ever expanding range of sources of customer data through technology and the increasingly detailed internal data and customer feedback can be a powerful tool when coupled with traditional research, but only when intepreted in the right way,” Rance says of his reasons for taking on a new job. “I’m looking forward to building on these skills and taking the [Quadrangle] business to the next level of growth.”

Marketing Week works with Quadrangle on its The Uses of Research series of films and CMO Strategy. YouGov is the headline sponsor of the Marketing Week Engage Awards 2013.