Your guide to the Data Storytelling conference

Here’s our showcase of the Data Storytelling conference on 10 September – find out who to see, who to meet and what you can take away.

The Data Storytelling conference takes place on 10 September at the London Marriott Hotel. There will be one main stage featuring 15 speakers all revealing how their brands are using data daily to bring their stories to life.

9am – Keynote: Kenneth Cukier

Make sure you join us from the kick-off when The Economist’s data editor and TED speaker Kenneth Cukier will be talking about how to survive the avalanche of big data and what the latest developments such as the internet of things mean for data.

12.45pm – Data storytelling in action

If real-world examples are more your thing there will be a series of talks aimed at bringing data storytelling to life straight after lunch. Hear from marketers at brands such as Jaguar Land Rover and explore some of the case studies from a selection of those shortlisted for the Data Storytelling Awards that same evening.

3.30pm – Data storytelling: The view from the judges

There’s also a chance to find out from the awards judges. Hear marketers from Camelot, O2, British Gas and Royal Mail discuss what makes a first-class strategy for data-driven marketing and the trends they’ve picked up on, as well as their own data strategies for the coming year.

And join us in the evening for the Data Storytelling Awards, when brands and agencies will be rewarded for embedding data in their strategy and activation across 14 categories including personalisation and loyalty.

Plus there’s the “Grand Prix” award for the best use of data by a business.

Find out everything you need to know about the Data Storytelling Awards including how to book tickets here.



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