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A report from the Chartered Institute of Marketing that found marketers fear using social media prompted fierce debate on Find the story at and a selection of comments below:

  • The platforms may change but social media is here to stay and while we may not be absolutely comfortable about using it, ignoring it is a dangerous game. Marketers who care about their brand’s reputation need to be monitoring selected social media platforms even if they aren’t engaging with them.

Richard Ellis

  • We have shifted from broadcast to social media. You can almost forget products, price, presentation and promotion. Building relationships is the future..

Ann Holman


Sell to people, not demographics

Marketing Week

Richard Madden is spot on to highlight the fact that in order to cross-sell, businesses must start taking note of what their individual customers want and how they behave (“Cross-serving is the secret behind successful cross-selling,” MW 10 June). But so many companies are fundamentally hindered and unable to do so because of the way in which they collect and analyse their online customer data. Too many companies anonymise and generalise their customer data into demographics and homogenous groups. But demographics don’t buy, individuals do!

Full-marks marketing

Marketing Week

Andy Fennell’s call for marketers to take risks in aiming for ten out of ten performance is an inspiring one (Architect behind a global brand-branding mission, MW 3 June). But his message about the need to balance this with accountability for profitable growth and return on investment presents a difficult challenge. As Andy argues, achieving brilliant success might require some three out of ten failures along the way. So how can marketers minimise the potential commercial downsides of taking braver decisions?


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