You’re taking the Ben Nevis aren’t you?

In this difficult economic climate, holding on to clients is essential. Some agency executives are prepared to risk life and limb to do so.

Step forward Ian McAteer, managing director of the Union, who was asked by Alasdair Muir, managing director of his client Quality Meat Scotland, to climb Ben Nevis with him.

McAteer says his “Saatchi training kicked in” and he accepted the challenge. After writing his will, he set off on the climb and a mere four hours later made it to the top.

When they arrived at the summit Muir announced he was moving his account to Faulds. Only kidding. Instead he made him pose for this cheesy photo…is that Andrew Neil on the right?

To what lengths have you had to go to entertain a client? Let us know via the usual channels.


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