Youths to continue to download music illegally

Young people will carry on downloading music illegally despite the emergence of services such as Spotify, according to music industry body UK Music.

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The study of 1,808 14 to 24 year olds found each owns an average of more than 8,000 digital downloads, with 61% still admitting to illegal file-sharing.

The figure is similar to last year despite the government’s pledge to reduce piracy by 70% over two years as part of June’s Digital Britain report.

While 78% of those surveyed said they had no interest in paying to stream music through services such as Spotify or We7, 85% said they would be willing to pay for an unlimited downloads service. These include Nokia’s Comes With Music or Virgin Media’s planned service.

Almost 90% said owning rather than accessing the tracks was vital.

Physical music also continues to be valued, with around 75% of those surveyed saying they would continue to buy CDs even if they joined a legal unlimited download service.

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