YouTube most watched ads in March

From a harrowing portrayal of what war does to children to a Nike football spot promoting its new boot, Marketing Week looks at the most viewed ads on YouTube in March.

1. Save the Children – Most Shocking Second a Day
Creative agency: Don’t Panic London

This bleak ad tugs on the heartstrings to show how war changes children. Shot from the perspective of an 8-year old girl, Save the Children depict how her life is turned upside down by a fictional war in the UK. The ad opens on the child’s birthday celebrations before shifting to more harrowing scenes of panic and fear using the second-a-day video mechanic. It concludes with the girl being asked “to make a wish”, revealing to viewers a year has passed since she was last happy.

2. Durex – #TurnOffToTurnOn
Creative agency: TMW

Durex’s attempts to challenge technology’s threat to couples coupling saw it ask lovers to “Turn Off” their devices to “Turn On” their love lives. The condom maker jumped on the Earth Hour bandwagon, a global movement to cut energy usage, to encourage couples to reconnect while the lights are out. The ad is soundtracked by Irish singer Fiona O’Kane’s rendition of the The Four Tops classic “I Can’t Help Myself” to celebrate Earth Hour last month (29 March)

3. Seat Leaon Cupra – Extreme Simulator
Creative Agency: DLKW Lowe

Spanish car maker Seat gave two lucky fans the chance to experience what it is like behind the wheel of the fastest car it’s ever made. Seat tricked both participants into thinking they were experiencing a virtual ride when in fact they were tucked into the back seats of the new car.

4. Pepsi Max – One-Take Freestyle Football ft. F2 Freestylers and TimH, Unbelievable #LiveForNow
Creative Agency: AMV BBDO

In an attempt to live up to its “Unbelievable” campaign Pepsi Max shot football freestylers performing a myriad of flicks and kicks around a warehouse in one-take.

5. Samsung Galaxy S5 – Official Introduction
Creative Agency: Cheil

Samsung’s bid to switch to “product porn” advertising from previous lifestyle efforts is well and truly realised in the video to introduce its flagship Samsung Galaxy S5. The ad shows various images of the phone’s sleek new design intercut with words such as “Powerful” and “Advanced”.

6. Google+ & Manchester United – The Front Row Story
Creative Agency: adam&eveDDB

7. Snickers Australia – Aussie Builders surprise public with loud empowering statements
Creative Agency: BBDO Melbourne

8. Fáilte Ireland – St Patrick’s Day 2014 #IrelandInspires
Creative Agency: bigOmedia

9. Nike Football – Magista
Creative Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

10. Old Spice – Get Shaved in the Face
Creative Agency: W+K Portland