YouTube courts brands with vlogger campaign

YouTube is to launch a documentary that aims to inform brands on the best way to reach millennials through the use of YouTube stars.

The documentary, created by Anomaly follows the lives of YouTube ‘creators’ Zoella, Tomska and Niki and Sammy who all have over a million subscribers on their channels.

In addition to the documentary, four videos will be produced that feature brands and stars sharing tips on how to successfully engage with millennials online – conventionally the target market of the stars.

Zoe Smith, marketing manager of Google – the owner of YouTube, says: “In the last year YouTube creators have captured the imaginations of brands and consumers alike. So we wanted to offer a better view into the rise to fame of vloggers, their creative process and their unique connection to loyal audiences.”

Brands have been quick to move away from conventional celebrities and look to video bloggers for campaigns due to their organic relationship with viewers.

Although, brands have invested in featuring in popular creators’ videos, research by the GlobalWebIndex recently questioned vloggers influence on purchase power. The study states that only 7% of all internet users say they find out about new products, services or brands via vlogs.

The documentary will be released on March 13.