YouTube’s most-watched ads in June

Using shock tactics on an unsuspecting public reigned supreme last month with Pepsi Max’s Bus Levitation campaign, featuring illusionist Dynamo taking an unorthodox bus journey to the amazement of stunned passersby, topping the list of most seen YouTube ads in June.

This was followed closely by a Think UK viral literally slamming the dangers of drink driving into the faces of the public.

1. Pepsi Max: ‘Bus Levitation’ #LiveForNow

The campaign, developed in tandem by Arnold KLP and OMD, relies heavily on social media playing to the public’s propensity to share content and uses the hashtag #LiveForNow. The strategy has since propelled it past the 6 million views mark.

2. Think UK: #Publooshocker

Secretly filmed in the toilets of a North London pub (no, not like that), Think UK’s #publooshocker launched on 6 June and seeks to dissuade drivers from drinking and driving in a brutal manner, with the concept created by Leo Burnett.

3. Illumination Entertainment: Evil Minion Animation Test

Cute and quirky also seems to win over YouTube audiences with this viral ad – which was timed to coincide with the cinematic release of Despicable Me 2 – also driving millions of page views.

4. Tango ARGH TV Ad – Cornershop

Meanwhile, Tango’s trio of ads – which form its ARGH campaign – sees the soft drink brand pair with Bogle Bartle Hegarty to remain true to its irreverent and zany tone of voice. In a rare feat, the slots occupy the next three consecutive slots in the the most watched ads on YouTube chart for June. The campaign also consists of a number of TV slots, with media agency M6 handling planning.

5. Tango ARGH TV Ad – Footy

6. Tango ARGH TV Ad – Swings

7. Lego Star Wars: Happy Father’s Day! 

8. Giffgaff ‘Don’t Be Scared’ Car

9. Zoella Takes A Peek At The New Collections From

10. PS4 Specs -The Tech Explained

The rankings are determined using some of YouTube’s signals of viewer choice: number of views within the country, view rate (how much of an ad people choose to watch), and percentage of organic views versus paid views.