YouTube’s most-watched ads in May

Growing excitement for the next-generation of video games consoles saw ads for Sony’s Playstation 4 and the latest Call of Duty title rank as the most-watched on YouTube in May while videos for Audi and Samsung were also viral hits.

1. Sony – Playstation 4 teaser



Sony’s Playstation 4 teaser was the most-watched ad on YouTube in the UK, while spots for Specsavers and Audi also scored viral hits.

2. Call of Duty: Ghosts – Masked Warriors teaser

First it was rumoured, then it was confirmed. Now the teaser trailer is out. The return of the biggest video games franchise of the moment is back with this moody and cinematic trailer.

3. Specsavers – Specsavers Vet

The latest in the brand’s long-running “Should have gone to Specsavers” campaign is up there with the best of them. Cleverly aping shows such as Holby City, the spot shows a vet attempting to save a cat or is he?

4. Microsoft – Xbox One unveil video

The arrival of this Xbox teaser marks the start of the marketing blitz between it and rival Sony. Going one-step further than its Japanese counterpart by actually showing the console, Microsoft is putting a stake in the ground for its bid to dominate living rooms.

5. Audi of America – Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy: The Challenge

Audi’s quirky viral plays out like a Star Trek fans’ fantasy. The advert sees current Spock Zachary Quinto face off against the original half-Vulcan himself Leonard Nimoy in a series of increasingly humorous contests.

6. Bespokeoffers – Introducing bespoke ballads
7. Samsung – Samsung Premium Monitor Series 9: Buddy The Dog
8. WindowsVideos – Windows 8: Less talking, more doing
9. Old Spice – Baby
10. Asics – Better Your Best – featuring sprinter Christophe Lemaitre

The rankings are determined using some of YouTube’s measures of viewer choice – number of views within the country, view rate (how much an ad people choose to watch), and percentage of organic views versus paid views