YPlan places marketing at heart of ‘aggressive’ expansion plans

Event app YPlan looks to hire a vice president of marketing and chief operating officer to aid international expansion in the US, Europe and Asia.

Event app YPlan is looking to ramp up its international expansion efforts.

The YPlan app, which was released in November 2012 and has over 300,000 downloads so far, curates 10 to 15 events happening in London every night for its users who can search for and purchase tickets through app.

Founded by ex-bankers, Rytis Vitkauskas and Viktoras Jucikas, YPlan recently worked with the Apple iTunes Festival giving away tickets to the free gigs which took place every night in September.  

Last month saw the start-up launch in New York with an event featuring rapper and producer Pharrell Williams, funded by $12mn raised in June this year through venture capital. 

The company has “aggressive expansion plans” and will be going through another funding round so it can scale the business rapidly to ward off competitors, according to marketing director, Rachael Pettit.

Pettit told Marketing Week: “We are starting to get that blueprint in how we launch in different cities so it’s almost crazy not to push that forward.     

“We’re hiring a chief operating officer and vice president of marketing at the moment who will help us expand internationally. Once we have those key hires on board we will define what the road map will be in terms of expansion.”

Investors in the app so far include Brent Hoberman, founder of Lastminute.com, and Ashton Kutcher’s investment company, A-Grade Investments.

Read the full Q&A with marketing director Rachael Pettit in Marketing Week on 17 Oct.



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