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The Future of Brand Tracking: Evolution or Revolution?

The concept of ‘brand’ has evolved significantly. It’s no longer just about logo recognition; it’s about understanding a brand as a holistic entity with a unique DNA that influences every customer interaction. This shift necessitates that brand tracking evolves too, moving beyond mere recognition metrics to requiring strategic insight.

At ImpactSense, we’re committed to challenging the status quo. Our mission is to connect insights with outcomes, making data-driven insights accessible and actionable. This dedication drove us to conduct extensive research, capturing the perspectives of 15 professionals across various sectors, including Financial Services, Consumer Electronics, Sports, Media, and more.

Our findings, compiled here in our brand tracking exposé, dissect how organisations perceive and implement brand tracking. We highlight common practices and innovative approaches, offering a comprehensive overview of the current state of brand tracking.

Download our exposé to discover how traditional and emerging forces are shaping the future of brand tracking.