The Founding 50


Jessica McCready

Marketing manager, Western Union

I have been in marketing for five years across a range of industries and countries. I always wanted to be involved in a creative industry and at school I began to learn more about the role that marketing plays within a business.

At university, I delved more into the strategy around marketing and was inspired about how core it is to a business.

I got into marketing through a lot of reading and attending talks and workshops at university and then secured an industrial placement in my third year to work in brand management. This was the confirmation I needed that I really wanted to pursue this as a career.

I don’t believe there is enough education about all the different types of marketing roles to encourage young people to get into the industry. It’s not just about TV adverts, it’s about shaping the future of the business, connection with customers and analysing data. For me, the lightbulb moment came when I actually tried it out, so I really believe in placements and work experience opportunities.