100 Disruptive Brands 2017

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Echo lets patients order NHS prescriptions and get medication delivered to their door. Smart reminders tell users when to take their medicines and when they are going to run out.

Co-founders Sai Lakshmi and Stephen Bourke launched the service because both take medications for life-long conditions and found too many barriers to obtaining repeat prescriptions in a largely nondigital health system.

Lakshmi says: “There is too much noise surrounding bleeding-edge healthcare innovation when much of the NHS still runs off paper and the fax machine.” Echo is backed by LocalGlobe and Global Founders Capital, and raised £1.8m last November. It also has been accepted into Upscale, TechCity UK’s accelerator.

Echo’s team includes NHS doctors and pharmacists serving more than 30,000 patients. Working with

community pharmacies, Echo takes a cut of their profit, while the pharmacies in turn benefit from a huge increase in prescription volumes.

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