The Founding 50


Konceta Gjini

Global assistant brand development manager, Unilever

During my business administration degree, a few FMCG companies came to the university to speak about marketing in their industries.

One of them explained how brands can be global, but always adaptable to the culture and the habits of a specific country and on the specifies of local consumer requirements. This made me understand that marketing and cultures are strongly related in international marketing, so I did my master’s degree in international marketing strategy.

I now work in Unilever, in the global brand development team for Simple Skincare. In two and a half years I’ve gained experience working in multinationals such as L’Oréal too, I have worked in local, European and global marketing teams, exploring three categories (skincare, skin cleansing and haircare) and across three countries (UK, The Netherlands and Italy).

I think we need to explain marketing to school age children in an easy way. They will not understand the specifies of the job, but if we tell them they will be able to create an ad that goes on TV, in a magazine or online, they might be more interested as they can easily relate to the end result of the work we do and therefore start having an interest in marketing.