Asos: ‘We are already awesome at mobile and we’re going to get better’

Asos saw mobile account for 50% of sales over the past six months and is promising a renewed investment to make the experience even better.

asos mobile apps

Asos saw more than half its orders come through mobile devices for the first time in the six months to the 31 August as its focus on making the mobile experience cleaner and faster helped boost conversion.

The online retailer said 51% of orders came through mobile, up from 44% six months ago. While Asos had its first month when mobile accounted for 50% of orders in February, this is the first time it has managed to maintain that level for a full half-year.

Mobile also accounts for 69% of its overall traffic, with the UK market “comfortably ahead” of that figure.

Asos has put a lot of focus on its mobile experience. It relaunched its iOS app with a new design and homepage, better search and 3D touch. And it has improved the checkout experience on Android to make it faster and more responsive.

Yet CEO Nick Beighton said there is still more to do, with plans to increase investment in mobile and double its mobile team again.

“We are already awesome at mobile and we are going to get better.”

Nick Beighton, CEO, Asos

“We want to fundamentally change the way people view and shop fashion on mobile,” he said, speaking on an investor call this morning.

Why customer advocacy is the best marketing

The jump in mobile traffic comes as Asos reports better-than-expected results. Growth accelerated in the second half, with revenues up 26% compared to 21% in the first six months of the year. And Asos saw a range of customer metrics increase.

Its active customer base increased by 25%, the fastest rate in two years, frequency was up 4%, average basket size 3% and conversion 10%.

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Beighton credited the launch of its ‘A list’ loyalty programme, as well as a focus on content, for the increase. Asos now publishes 60,000 pieces of content to “build brand engagement and awareness” and “encourage participation”, he said. And it is testing new social media formats including Instagram Stories, Facebook Live Video and Snapchat filters.

Asos will also continue to invest in the customer experience – including pricing, delivery options and bringing out new fashion ranges such as a push into sportswear. And while marketing spend was up to 5.3% of revenues last year as Asos invests more in digital and mobile marketing, that figure will not increase much this year.

“The best marketing is the customer experience and the advocacy that gives. The product, deliver solutions, price; all those things are the best marketing and the best customer recruitment. Once we have exhausted those we dial up marketing accordingly,” explained Beighton.