Conversion is not only social media metric

I wonder whether the launch of Adobe’s SocialAnalytics tool (MW last week) is the right way to go about achieving credible social media metrics. To boil down success in social media solely to conversion and assign a monetary value to ’Likes’ seems to be missing a trick.

With the growth of social commerce, social ROI is becoming more concrete and provides brands with a new channel to market that can add financial value to their business. And being able to track users as they move across the web to the final point of sale allows you to see whether the purchase or recommendation came about as a direct result of a Facebook visit.

But it would be a blinkered approach if brands just focused on the monetary value of their social fans and customers, they offer so much more than that and my fear for Adobe SocialAnalytics is that it will realign brands’ online focus at the detriment of real engagement and brand building.

Hal Stokes
Director of social media


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