Emirates: ‘CRM data key to £150m Arsenal deal’

Arsenal’s ability to build more detailed profiles of potential customers with its revamped CRM system played a key role in Emirates’ decision to sign a £150m sponsorship deal with the club, according to the airline.

Emirates to launch more targeted marketing campaigns using data gleaned from the club’s revamped CRM system.

The Premier League club announced plans to put a new CRM system at the heart of its marketing activity this year. Emirates, which will receive a number of additional marketing rights from Arsenal as part of its new deal, says the system will lead to more “effective” marketing campaigns through the club’s customer shop, Facebook page and stadium on match-days.

Speaking to Marketing Week Emirates’ divisional senior vice president for corporate communications Boutros Boutros says: “Data on customers is important to us like it should be for any business. The price of media is increasing every year and having detailed data on customers allows us to work our where we spend out ad budgets and who we target as well as what markets we focus on through the club’s channels.

“We have a vision of where we want to be with a business and we want to work with Arsenal to get there. We know the club is growing and that’s important for us as a brand. We work long-term and need to be associated with a club in the long-term to achieve scale. For Emirates, Arsenal is that club.”

Data is becoming an increasing valuable tool int the way football club’s prove the value of their brands to potential partners. Premier League clubs including Liverpool and Queens Park Rangers have both invested in CRM this year to improve how they monetise fans in international markets.



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