Red Bull launches cola drink

Red Bull is entering the cola market with its first product launch outside of its flagship energy drink. Red Bull Simply Cola will be positioned as a premium and 100% natural cola.

The product will launch at the end of April and will be the only cola made with Kola nut and coca leaf. It will also have no preservatives, additives, phosphoric acid, artificial colouring or flavours.

It will be launched in the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Russia, and the US. It will be available in on-trade and off-trade outlets in two sizes.

A marketing campaign to support the launch in the UK is expected in May or June and will be developed by its existing roster of agencies, Kastner & Partners and AMS Media Group.

Nigel Trood, Red Bull UK managing director, says: “During its initial launch period, Red Bull Simply Cola will be supported by above- and below-the-line campaigns. Following this, the new product will benefit from full integration into Red Bull’s brand marketing initiatives, sitting alongside Red Bull energy drink.”