EE: The route to effective use of customer insight

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Show that you listen


Ensure the business takes action on the back of customer feedback – Perception is key to our businesses success and regardless if we think something is working if our customers are saying different then it is our duty to act upon that feedback. Closing this loop reassures your customers and lets them know that we take feedback seriously. You need to make your approach dynamic.

Put value on it

We have built customer experience results into monthly bonus for staff – this shows our customers that we believe in customer feedback and if we aren’t delivering for our customers and the customer experience scores are low then our staff won’t get a bonus. It shows our customers that their thoughts are at the heart of our every day job.

Tailor to your audience

Business customers rate a more rounded experience and use a time period to rate customer experience – consumer customer experience is much more transactional. In order to get the best you need to tailor your programme to the requirements of your customers – looking at different mediums for feedback and utilising the best one for your core group.

Help improve their digital lives

For our brand helping our customer learn about new technology is essential to success as is improving their digital lives going forward. We need to make it simple for our customers to understand and drive loyalty through messages about who we are and how we can help them.

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