Marketers urged to open-up hiring processes to diverse talent

The School of Marketing is asking marketers to commit to open-up their hiring processes to fresh talent from diverse backgrounds.

hiring staffMarketers are being called on to push for hiring processes that are open and inclusive in order to attract young people from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds.

The Pledge, devised by education initiative the School of Marketing, of which Marketing Week is a partner, requires marketers to commit that their hiring processes do not disadvantage any applicant from applying for a job in marketing regardless of their background. Once in role, the School of Marketing is calling on marketers to give these new recruits from diverse backgrounds the support and mentorship they need to thrive.

The ‘Pledge Companies’ will be added to a list of companies committed to helping young people from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds, which will be circulated among the School of Marketing’s school, charity, college and university partners. Businesses that sign the pledge will also be kept informed of best practice and insights on how to help recruit and train young people from diverse backgrounds.

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The Pledge plays into the School of Marketing’s wider mission to counter the stereotypes and misconceptions that exist around marketing on issues such as pay, opportunities, career progression and the general lack of understanding of what the job looks like on a daily basis.

To this end, the School of Marketing is set to host its first event to inspire young people aged 16 to 20 to consider a career in marketing. Aimed at giving young people a real flavour for the marketing industry, the free-to-attend event taking place at Saatchi & Saatchi’s head office on 15 July will feature a range of speakers, workshops and the chance to network with industry leaders.

The event is being hosted in collaboration with The Marketing Meetup, a networking series established by Joe Glover, one of the 50 founding members of the School of Marketing. The 50 marketers, aged 30 and under, are advocating to change the perception of marketing among young people across the UK.

To find out more information and sign up for the School of Marketing Pledge visit