Nestlé throws weight behind Aero

Nestlé is ramping up the promotional and marketing activity around some of its key brands, including Aero.


Aero will be back on television in October with a second run of its Skater ad, part of the brand’s £7m media campaign. New Aero Bubbles packs will also be available with 33% extra free for a limited period from September 21.

Also, from the end of the month, Aero Mint Medium, Yorkie Milk Original and Kit Kat senses will be available in price-marked packs (35p).
Smarties Hexatube, Milkybar Medium, Milkybar Buttons and Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles were also price-marked at 29 pence from last week.

Similar moves earlier on the year helped lift sales of various Nestle brands by 30% and UK trade communications manager, Graham Walker, is expecting a similar outcome this time round.

“The first round of marketing [for Aero] in March resulted in Aero Peppermint reaching its highest rate of sale in two years, while Aero Medium Milk is up 30%. The promotions and ads will drive sales.”

The Aero TV ad will run from October 19. Earlier in the month, confectionary rival Cadbury will be launching its campaign for new Caramel Nibbles – small buttons of Dairy Milk chocolate filled with caramel. The £1m campaign will also include outdoor and press ads, sampling and online activity.

Cadbury’s future is still the subject of speculation after the rejection of a £10.2bn bid from Kraft last week, which was rejected. Observers suggest that Nestlé and Hershey’s could team up and make a bid – with the former taking on Cadbury’s gum business, and Hershey’s its chocolate brands. This, despite the non-committal statements from the Swiss giant’s chief executive, Paul Bulcke, on Monday.


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