Christian Party “most complained about” ad of 2009

The Advertising Standards Authority unveils the most complained about advertisements of 2009. Number one, a campaign by the Christian Party that assured people that “There definitely is a God”.

2. Volkswagen
“Sometimes the only one you have to beat is yourself”
1,070 complaints

A campaign that showed a man fighting clones of himself was deemed unsuitable for children and was handed a post-watershed restriction.




3. HomePride
“So easy, even a man could do it”
804 complaints

The spot, which showed a clearly delighted man using Oven Oride oven cleaner whilst his disapproving partner looked on, attracted complaints from men, who objected that the ad implied they were stupid and lazy, and women, who said it endorsed the stereotype that cleaning was women’s work. The ASA agreed with HomePride’s argument that the spot was “tongue-in-cheek” and cleared it.

4. Advanced Medical Institute
“Want longer lasting sex?”
525 complaints

A poster campaign pushing AMI’s clinics was deemed “unsuitable for display in public locations” and banned. The regulator also ruled the poster advertised an unlicensed medicine, which was available only on prescription.


5. Israeli Government Tourist Office
“Experience Israel”
445 complaints

The watchdog banned a poster that showed the disputed West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights areas in a map of the country after ruling it “misleadingly” implied that the regions were internationally recognised as part of Israel.



6. British Humanist Association
“There’s probably no God”
392 complaints, no investigation after being referred to the ASA’s Council





7. Kellogg’s
Crunchy Nut Conflakes, “Baby in a shopping trolley”
323 complaints, no investigation following ASA Council decision.






8. Pfizer
“Rat poison”
312 complaints, no investigation following ASA Council decision.




9. SC Johnson
“Mummy, I want to poo at Paul’s house”
292 complaints, no investigation.




10. Department of Health
Stroke ad
242 complaints, no investigation