E.on returns to TV with energy saving campaign

E.on is returning to TV with a campaign to encourage customers to think about and reduce energy use and support the launch of its Energy Fit Starter Pack.

E.on campaign

The utility’s company says research from its customer panel has revealed that customers want tools and tailored information to help them reduce energy use so it is making The Energy Fit Starter Pack available to all customers.

It includes an energy monitor, which allows people to instantly see their electricity use and track what they are spending and computer software so that customers can track their ongoing use.

The “energy fit” campaign follows on from the illustrated “Why?” campaign E.on has been running since last year to encourage debate over energy use by asking the question “Why would an energy company want me to use less energy?”.

The campaign has been created by DLKW. MediaCom handled media buying. It breaks on Saturday 15 May.

Catherine Woolfe, head of advertising and brand strategy at E.on, says: “This is not just another energy monitor giveaway. It marks the start of an ongoing engagement with our customers that will help them become energy fit by ensuring they understand exactly how and where they’re using energy, and keeping them motivated so they can cut the amount they use even further.”

Rival energy firm EDF Energy is also understood to be reviewing its European advertising agencies with a view to reassess its sustainability strategy.


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