Josie Allchin

Measuring consumer confidence in an uncertain world

Josie Allchin

Stuart McDonald, head of insight and trade marketing, News International Commercial, gives the lowdown on the company’s “Consumer Eye” research The debate still rages on as to whether we have seen the last of this recession and I’m not here to add to that; I’ll leave that up to the journalists to debate. What I […]

Data can keep marketers in tune with their customers

Josie Allchin

Kevin Slatter, managing director of G2 Data Dynamics, argues that brands that use data for customer insight and not simply to address operational concerns will prove the real winners in the long-term. We live in an age where brands have access to a previously unimaginable amount of information about customers. Emerging technologies and increasing numbers […]

Staying ahead in the social media jungle

Josie Allchin

The explosion of social media over the last few years has provided a unique opportunity for marketers to connect with their peers and clients in a more direct way than ever before. However, Emma Humphries, associate at international law firm Simmons & Simmons points out that breaking down the barriers of communication can have pitfalls […]

Eight useful tips for involving children in market research

Josie Allchin

Andrew Therkelsen, director at Discovery Research, explains how you can get the most out of using primary school children in surveys and focus groups. We’ve been researching with children for years and believe they are the most rewarding market research respondents by far. But what makes them so rewarding – their openness to new ideas […]

Wear the right hat for brand advocacy

Josie Allchin

A consumer’s recommendation via social media is worth its weight in gold but beware of manipulation. David Cushman, UK managing director of social business consultancy Ninety10 Group and former Bauer digital development chief explains more If you’ve ever heard the term ’SEO’ bandied about you’re likely familiar with the concept of ’black hat’ and ’white […]


Marketing Week Live! 2011

Josie Allchin

Fast and Happy: how the web is changing the world for consumers – presented by Matt Brittin, managing director UK and Ireland, Google T-Mobile’s “Life’s for sharing” campaign: compelling TV advertising, YouTube hit, word of mouth phenomenon – presented by Spencer McHugh, brand director at Everything Everywhere You are the big picture: recognising the individual […]


T-Mobile dials up a winner

Josie Allchin

T-Mobile celebrated winning a Marketing Week Engage Award last year in the Telecoms & IT category for its T-Mobile Dance marketing campaign. Senior advertising manager Kelly Engstrom explains how the campaign has moved on.


Search sans frontiers

Josie Allchin

E-commerce currently relies on search – which is why retailers spend so much on paid search and SEO strategies. If you’re not at the top of the Google rankings, goes the thought, you’re nowhere, says Amanda Davie, managing director of digital consultancy Reform. For the UK that might be true, but it’s folly to assume […]

Optimising for Google Instant

Josie Allchin

Got something to say about email marketing? Take part in Marketing Week’s email marketing survey. Google Instant was developed to change the way we search as Google knows best. Judith Lewis, head of search at Beyond, looks at what ranking factors are now important and how to ensure your company gets to the top of […]

SEO is Dead, Long Live SEO

Josie Allchin

With the release of Google Instant, the inevitable cries of “SEO is dead” went up once again but Judith Lewis, head of search at earned media consultancy Beyond, explains there’s a lot more than meets the eye to the new initiative. I would argue that Google Instant has made SEO (search engine optimisation) as essential […]

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