Samsung, BT Sport and Clarks: The top 10 YouTube ads in August

Samsung’s comedic Jack Whitehall-heavy campaign for the Rio Olympics dominated YouTube’s ad leaderboard in August, nabbing three of the 10 top spots.

1. BT Sport – Four Competitions One Venue

The end of summer is in sight, which can only mean one thing – the football season is well and truly up and running. BT Sport, keen to remind viewers of its football prowess, launched an August ad jam-packed with football’s most well-known players as it combined Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Emirates FA Cup and UEFA Europa League footage. It seems to have made an impact with viewers too, nabbing the top spot on YouTube’s ad leaderboard.

2. Samsung School of Rio – Rowing with Sir Steve Redgrave and Helen Glover

Comedian Jack Whitehall first appeared in a series of Samsung ads last year in a bid to promote the Rugby World Cup. Well, the tech giant must have been happy with their performance, with Whitehall returning once again for the Rio Olympics. For each ad of the Samsung School of Rio campaign, Whitehall teamed up with different Team GB athletes to mock them during their training sessions. Highlights include the comedian referring to Sir Steve Redgrave as ‘grandpa’.

Agency: BBH Sport

3. Samsung School of Rio – Cycling with Sir Bradley Wiggins & Becky James

The top three is completed by yet another Samsung ad, this time following Jack Whitehall attending a training session with Team GB cyclists Sir Bradley Wiggins and Becky James. Wiggins manages to stay stone-faced throughout, even when Whitehall compares his physique “to someone who has been shipwrecked”.

Agency: BBH Sport

4. Clash Royale – Meet the Duel Expert

Another month sees yet another mobile game claiming a spot in YouTube’s top 10 ad leaderboard. The quirky 15-second ad for Clash Royale has racked up a staggering three million views in just a month.

5. Clarks – More than Uniform: School Shoes for Teens

Besides the start of the football season, there is another reason most adults look forward to the end of summer –  their kids are finally sent back to school. Clarks was keen to capitalise on this feeling with its ‘More than Uniform’ campaign, claiming it is still the best brand when it comes to school footwear.

6. IKEA – Cooks #MakeMoreThanJustFood

Agency: Mother

7. Heathrow Airport – The First Flight

8. Samsung School of Rio – Boxing with Joe Ward and Katie Taylor

Agency: BBH Sport

9. OnePlus 3 – A day’s power in half an hour

10. Nike – Unlimited Future

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland



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