Embrace change – and new technologies

Just how much longer has the traditional ad agency got?

Just how much longer has the traditional ad agency got?

Little wonder that two-thirds of clients in the Haystack Group Report condemned agencies for failing to keep up with events. Take the new business league tables. The most successful agencies are those that bring progressive media thinking into the heart of creative strategy.

Struggling agencies are those that are shackled to media-illiterate processes. Many still manufacture ideas for an illusory and passive mass-audience. As for consumer response, I’d quote Little Britain’s Vicky Pollard. “Am I bothered?”

Looking forward, your leader (MW July 20) states/ “â¦media agencies earn a substantial part of their crust from embracing change, not opposing it.” How much longer before they take the lead on the creative work?

Historically, we may look back on the past 20 years of dis-integrated agency specialisation as little more than a period of adjustment to new media technologies.

Mark Fiddes

Executive creative director

Euro RSCG Fuel Worldwide



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