The creative element of CRM is vital

Camilla Ballesteros hit the nail on the head by saying too many companies’ view customer relationship management (CRM) as an exclusively technological solution, rather than a communication process with rules that need to be adapted as one learns along the way (MW September 27).

I would also add that even more businesses embark on a CRM programme without a full understanding of the impact it will have across the whole organisation – not just marketing and IT, but human resources, operations and sales. Indeed, unless a CRM programme is agreed and pushed at executive level, it is unlikely to succeed. This means not starting with technology, but with the staff at every level of an organisation.

Furthermore, while new data applications allow companies to “see” the most valuable customers in terms of profile and interaction patterns, they don’t inform a marketer how they will respond to a particular campaign, and why. The testing of media, messages and timing is therefore just as relevant today as it always has been.

Let’s stop talking about the science of CRM and remember that understanding the creative element is still vital for standout and ultimate success.

Paul Woolf

Managing director

Cramm Francis Woolf




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