UK bucks global newspaper circulation trend

Global newspaper circulation rose by 2.57% last year and advertising revenue also recorded a 0.86% increase, according to the latest figures from the World Association of Newspapers.

The trend was not seen in the UK with circulation for last year down by 3.46% compared to 2006 and down by 11.14% compared to 2003. Advertising revenue also fell by 1.79% last year and has declined by 5.18% over the past five years.

Globally, paid-for daily circulation grew 2.57% in 2007, with sales totalling more than 532 million daily. The free dailies help to increase that figure to 3.65% to more than 573 million newspapers every day.

Newspaper advertising revenue increased 0.86% in 2007 compared to the previous year, and was up 9.39% over five years. However, newspapers’ share of the world ad market in 2007 fell from 28.7% in 2006 to 27.5% last year.

Timothy Balding, chief executive officer of WAN, says overall newspaper circulation has been rising or has remained stable in three quarters of the world’s countries over the past five years.

He adds: “Even in places where paid-for circulation is declining, notably the US and some countries in western Europe, newspapers continue to extend their reach through a wide variety of free and niche publications and through their rapidly developing multimedia platforms.”


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