What a Lotto whingeing by Camelot

I am positively sick of reading, week in, week out, of Camelot moaning and groaning about its falling takings on the Lotto – the company blames the World Cup, the weather, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, the air traffic controllers strikes, leaves on the lottery terminal, etc etc.

No doubt next week, it will be Wimbledon’s fault, and then a couple of weeks after that, the fault of the Commonwealth Games.

I’m not a mathematician, nor am I a gambling psychologist, but it doesn’t take rocket science to work out that the odds of a reasonable return for a &£1 stake on the national Lotto are, to put it mildly, complete rubbish. I once won &£29 for matching four numbers – hardly a reasonable return!

As for the Lottery Extra – what a con. I am completely surprised the public have been taken in for so long – why the public waste &£1 on the chance of winning a jackpot only, when they could at least win a few pence from matching three, four and five numbers on the normal Lotto, is completely beyond me!

Come on Camelot – stop blaming everyone when it’s so obviously the lousy prizes on offer. Cap the jackpot and up the lower-end prize ante – then you’ll see your takings increase!

Edward Moss

Edward Moss Communications


Leeds, Yorkshire


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