The luxury marque, which recently celebrated its 100th birthday, has worked with games marketing specialists Veemee to create a new hub called The Audi Space where users can virtually test drive its new electric sports car, the Audi e-tron.

In the Audi Space, users can learn more about the Audi brand and “meet up, hang out and experience the world of Audi”. The test drive is available through a six-person multiplayer driving game called “Vertical Run”

As well as test-driving the e-tron, the marque plans to use the space to host Audi TV and other content including virtual lectures, announcements, product launches, VIP events and competitions.

Kai Mensing, project manager for videogames and virtual worlds at Audi, says: “As a brand, Audi sees great value and potential in the experiences and level of interaction the world of gaming affords. PlayStation Home gives Audi the perfect environment to connect with gamers in an unexpected way and we made sure to push the platform to its limits with the new Audi Space.”

The Audi Space will launch on PlayStation Home on 17 December and can be downloaded on any Playstation 3 console.